Future Smart Reads, 2 Sep 2012

Here are our favourite articles and ideas this week, from inspiring cities around the world:

MUNICH: This little fellow of a bike combines running and cycling into one machine for commuting purposes. All powered by you, of course.

NEW YORK: Surfers keep left, cyclists pass right! We love the campaign and adverts created by Mother New York for BikeNYC to promote debate around bicycle transport in New York. We have a cute one for Cape Town: “Jou Ma se Bicycle Lane”

GLOBAL: Michael Lewyn, an assistant professor at Touro Law Centre shares his thoughts on why NIMBY-ism may make sense for one individual but as a collective, it can lead to devastating results for our neighbourhoods.

WASHINGTON:  David Alpert writes that more people will only use buses if information improves. “A lot of people don’t ride the bus today, especially for trips outside their usual commute. They find it too confusing and too scary to stand at a random street corner, unsure when a bus going to show up, if ever.”

COPENHAGEN: An article about Copenhagen’s Strøget street and how it was transformed in 1960 with much trouble by astounding visionary leaders into a pedestrian only street.

CAPE TOWN: It looks like Cape Town will be getting its first taste of a Ciclovia. From Wikipedia on CicloviaEach Sunday and on holidays from 8 am until 2 pm certain main streets of Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, and other municipalities are blocked off to cars for the exclusive use of runners, skaters, and bicyclists. At the same time, stages are set up in city parks.” Check out the event dubbed ‘Open Streets’ here and follow Bicycle Cape Town which will reveal more information closer to the date set for 21 October.

Also, have you seen the Bicycle Cape Town CycleLinks 0.3 event happening on 15 September in Gugs?