New access gates at MyCiTi stations signal next phase of myconnect

MyCiTi passengers can expect to see more changes at the ever popular MyCiTi stations. Over the next few months, new access control gates at MyCiTi stations will be installed. The first gates will be installed this week at the Civic Centre station.

The glass gates look and operate in a similar manner to the Gautrain’s access system. A number of gates will be installed next to each other, to channel passengers entering the station. In keeping with MyCiTi’s principle of universal accessibility, at least one of the channels with a gate is wider, allowing easier access for people in wheelchairs, parents with prams, or people with bicycles or oversized luggage.

The gates will give passengers access to the bus station after they have tapped their myconnect card on a permanent card reader installed as part of the gate system. The glass panels will swing open to allow entry.

Gates will be installed at all stations, starting with the Civic Centre, Table View and Gardens stations and come into use in December this year. Until that time, access to the stations will remain the same. The glass gates will be in an open position, until they are activated for use later this year. Until this time, passengers will be asked to continue to tap their cards against the hand-held validators as per current procedures.

The installation of the gates signals an important step in the next phase of the implementation of the myconnect card system, which will ultimately see users being charged for the distance travelled, rather than the current flat fare system. As the full system is installed and rolled out passengers will realise why it is necessary to have one card per customer, as it will be necessary to tap your card on the validator mounted on the gate to enter and exit the system. This will allow the system to calculate the distance that each customer has travelled from entering the system and leaving the system, and deduct the correct fare from their card.

However, in the near future and as part of the next step in getting passengers accustomed to this system, they will be required to ‘tap in and tap out’ while the flat fare system is still in place. This will allow them to become accustomed to the concept of ‘tapping in and tapping out’ before the full distance-based fare system is in place.

The final phase of the roll-out of the myconnect card system will commence next year when the full distance-based fare system comes into effect. This incremental roll-out allows passengers to become familiar with the system and allows the City to refine and improve the system to ensure that it functions in the best interests of the passenger.

This phased approach, which allows continuous assessment and refinement, is a critical part of the City’s approach to the roll-out of the first phase of the MyCiTi service.

All installation work will be done mainly at night, outside of operational hours.

MyCiTi appeals to passengers to be patient during this installation phase of the project, and to report any concerns to the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 or


Published by Martin Pollack.