MyCiTi Update: Newest Proposed Road Changes for Sea Point

The introduction of a MyCiTi feeder service within the next 6 months will offer residents of Sea Point, Bantry Bay and Fresnaye a much-improved public transport service. Buses will operate from the new Sea Point station, along Beach Road, Main Road and Regent Road, Victoria Road and High Level Road. An area of focus has been how to achieve the most appropriate link between Regent and High Level roads for the Civic Centre – Fresnaye – Sea Point route.

Last night, a public meeting was held with residents to provide information and an opportunity to discuss the various suggestions that were received and considered by the City’s transport planners.

With all the suggestions, the City has made two options available for discussion:

  • Option 1: Queen’s Road – The first proposal is to convert Queen’s Road between Victoria and Kloof roads into a one-way street, with traffic flow towards Signal Hill. Buses will travel up Queen’s Road, left into Kloof Road, right into Avenue Disandt and along High Level Road to the city centre.
  • Option 2: Fir Road – The second proposal is to retain Queen’s Road as a two-way street and reverse the direction of travel in nearby Fir Road between Victoria and Kloof roads, which will mean buses and other traffic travelling in an upward direction towards Signal Hill. So, from the Sea Point station, MyCiTi buses will travel up Queen’s Road, right into Victoria Road, left into Fir Road, left into Kloof Road, right into Avenue Disandt and along High Level Road to the city centre.

From the city to Sea Point
MyCiTi buses will travel along High Level Road down Avenue Disandt and Kei Apple Road, left into Regent Road and right down Solomons Road, which becomes a one-way street, to the Sea Point station.

Which proposal do you prefer?


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  1. Sandi

    Option 2 is a better option in my opinion. Changing Queens Rd into a one way is not a good idea. Using Fir Rd would reach more people on the west/south of Sea Point. Fir Rd also carries less traffic than Queens therefor less disruptive.

  2. Andres De Wet

    I also agree with option 2. Queens Rd could cause major traffic disruptions between the city and Atlantic Suburbs. We need to prioritise public transit, but where possible, with as little disruption to existing routes as possible.

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