Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams

Hate sitting traffic? Well, unless you have experienced Sao Paulo’s traffic, what you experience is likely quite tame in comparison. It may not be the most optimistic story to kick off Transport Month but this certainly warrants a mention. Also interesting is the fact that Sao Paulo was overlooked in the IBM Commuter Pain Survey 2011, which included 20 other cities.

Next time you complain about being stuck in traffic, spare a thought for the drivers in Brazil’s biggest city, which has some of the worst congestion problems in the world.

Friday evenings are a commuter’s worst nightmare in Sao Paulo.

That’s when all the tailbacks in and out of the city extend for a total of 180km (112 miles), on average, according to local traffic engineers, and as long as 295km (183 miles) on a really bad day.

Source: BBC News

Images courtesy of Paulo Fehlauer at

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  1. dave

    I’ve been there. Sao Paulo is absolutely insane. Nearly 20 million people live in and around the metro…

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