Sydney, a city with two voices

It is not easy to get an entire city (or even a community) behind a common vision.

While many of us may take it for granted that most citizens and business have gathered behind the sustainability agenda, supporting the tough decisions cities and city leaders have to make today for a better future, this is not always the case. The video entitled “Sustainable Sydney 2030, A City with Two Voices”, highlights some of the opposition to the Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore’s ambition to design and create a greener and more sustainable Sydney by 2030. It is also a winner of the Siemens CityStories project mentored by Academy Award winning director Davis Guggenheim.

In it you will hear how a popular shock jock challenges Clover Moore, on her decision to introduce more cycle ways and her apparent hatred for cars. He also questions the evidence on global warming. On a more positive note it provides a brief look into the Sydney 2030 visioning process which she describes as “the most comprehensive consultation that has ever occurred”, allowing citizen input into the future of the city.

One of the projects, the George Street Transformation,  is a multimillion dollar light rail plan to revitalize the heart of the city centre, by funding new pedestrian spaces, new information signage, upgraded public squares, new street trees and innovative public art. The aim is to provide much needed breathing space in the heart of the City.

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