What are Liveable Cities?

Earlier this year, I was invited to present in Pretoria as part of the Tshwane 2055 Vision process. “Tshwane 2055 is a long-term strategy aimed at improving the quality of living across the Metro, revitalising the City, and boosting economic development and attracting investment. Tshwane 2055 will articulate the City’s vision, game changing  strategic interventions, indicators and outcomes.”

The presentation looked at exploring and challenging the concept of a Liveable City, with the aim of ensuring that citizens, and government derive, create and find their own unique definition of Liveability, which is aligned with their vision. As an outcome, the audience are faced with more questions than answers, and no single definition can capture what a Liveable City should be. Instead, through multiple viewpoints and perspectives on Liveability, a joint and contextual can help  drive the needed interventions.

Read more about the Tshwane 2055 process here

Issue: A liveable City is a composite and complex concept, touching on many inter-related and co-dependent aspects that affect social, economic, environmental, social and political aspects. It is important to integrate all of these into a meaningful sum that translates into a liveable city that works.

Outcome: to synthesis of the week’s workshops and meetings, having extrapolated the most relevant inputs and suggestions so as to inform the Liveable City of Tshwane 2055