What If – we created the rules for our way of living?

What If is a week long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012. Free from the shackles of clients and time graduates are offered the opportunity to design the works our city never gets to see. Stretching our imaginations in directions we never thought to go these works provoke questions we ought to be asking.

What if A set of rules and guidelines were constructed in such a way as to inform high density housing and mixed-use buildings which considered ‘street’ as crucial to their design. These guidelines might better serve our city in the District Six region with higher densities and better spaces. All with large amounts of ventilation, courtyards, and at a higher density than what is currently proposed.

Project by Tyrone Bloch tyronebloch@gmail.com

What if The vague and undefined space below the Foreshore freeways  became a water filtration plant, one which was also an urban park. A park where a series of solar panels followed the sun and powered public facilities. A site which allowed everyone or no one to claim ownership over it and which flooded itself when cleaning was required.

Project by Adam Clemens clemens.adam@gmail.com