The future of Cape Town Stadium looks brighter

Future Cape Town welcomes the City of Cape Town’s proposed Business plan for Cape Town Stadium and Green Point Park, as a step forward in the future viability of the stadium and greater precinct.

According to the document: “There is significant potential for the commercialization of the stadium and its precinct beyond that which is being done. From a financial and a social perspective, the stadium and park do not represent the best value to the City and its ratepayers in their current form.”

We believe that the plan follows international best practice in managing a sustainable events precinct and recreation precinct, but remain concerned with persistent voices who would argue against the necessary changes, needed to give meaning to the stadium as a strategic asset.

Not only does the business plan aim to make the stadium financially viable, it addresses the vibrancy of the precinct and the marketing of the venue, and proposes a sustainable operational model.

“The aspirations for a profitable venue should not risk the importance of creating a vibrant, accessible and successful public realm, which places the stadium within the hearts and minds of its citizens, and provides them with a sense of ownership too. Financial stability of the venue can be achieved through appropriate rationalisation of the various uses for which Cape Town Stadium was initially intended, without necessarily making a profit,” says Rashiq Fataar, Director of Future Cape Town.

“Achieving a profit would not necessarily guarantee that the stadium becomes integrated with the urban, economic and social fabric of the city,” adds Fataar.

Future Cape Town will continue to lobby for the exploration of synergies with surrounding landowners, both private and public, to ensure that the maximum potential of the precinct is unlocked through co-development and co-operation.

Considering Cape Town Stadium, the surrounding public facilities, the Fan Walk and so forth as a coherent system, part of a bigger puzzle, could potentially remake the area into one of the most exciting in the country, if not globally.

“What we are sitting on is a goldmine that any city would be envious to have. Cape Town Stadium is an architectural masterpiece at the centre of a part of the city that will see even more progressive developments in the future. The potential cruise terminal, ongoing developments at the V&A Waterfront, expansion of the MyCiTi bus system and other projects are begging us to connect the dots.”

Given the timeframes anticipated for both the public participation process and the implementation of the business plan, we would recommend that a well thought out and long overdue events strategy be prioritised and formulated parallel to such a process.

Now that the foundation has been laid for taking a broadminded plan from vision to reality, we encourage the City of Cape Town to continue their dialogue, in particular with the communities previously sidelined from such debates. We will also begin exploring the possibilities of developing a forum or space where urban issues of this nature can be constructively debated and discussed, alongside citizens and stakeholders.

At Future Cape Town, and in consultation with both experts and citizens, we will begin to formulate our full and detailed Position Statement with regards to the business plan in the coming months.

Future Cape Town believes these interventions are two years late, but welcomes the plans wholeheartedly. It is understood the Record of Decision and subsequent restrictive zoning were compromises which were put in place to expedite the stadium’s construction within construction timeframes.

However, we look forward to finally seeing the future of Cape Town Stadium and the Green Point Park taking their rightful place, as part of a vibrant events hub and exciting urban precinct, accessible to all Capetonians.
We encourage all Capetonians to share their views and ideas on the Cape Town Stadium Business Plan.
Notes to editors:

  1. Future Cape Town is a non-profit think tank advocating for progressive urbanism and the future of our cities.
  2. The Business Plan for Cape Town Stadium and Green Point Park can be accessed at the City of Cape Town website:
  3. Support article: Cape Town Stadium fits into a bigger puzzle:

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