Exhibition: International Design Project on Gentrification



Tuesday 19/02/13 – Saturday 23/02/13

10.00 – 18.00

The Bank

73 Harrington St

Cape Town


A UN report predicts that 4.9 billion world citizens will be living in cities by 2030. As an immediate effect of this massive growth, cities are changing rapidly. But urban renewal and innovation is not always in favor of its residents. Upgrades of suburbs and neighborhoods often lead to higher rents forcing residents and entire communities to leave their homes, a development which irreversibly transforms the socio-economical and cultural fabric of an area. This negative impact is called Gentrification.

GENTRIFICATION is also the name and topic of an international cooperation project that aims to develop and display different perspectives of urban development. Initiated by the Köln International School of Design, the first field research investigated gentrification in Berlin, Germany. The outcome has been on display in Cologne and has now arrived at its second destination Cape Town.

While showing different design-related perspectives on GENTRIFICATION the german project group simultaneously runs several one week workshops with local students that aim at expanding the exhibition with yet another layer…

The project then travels back to Germany, taking several students from Cape Town with it. There, additional research will be conducted, and the concepts will be further developed in preparation for the project‘s next location, which is yet to be announced and hopefully coming back to future World Design Capital in 2014…



Koeln International School of Design (KISD)

CPUT – Faculty for Informatics and Design

Vega – School of Brand Leadership


Design Research Lab

Formula D interactive

The Bank