Harrington Imaginings: Multi-use Spaces


This week we take a look at some of the works which emerged from the honours architecture studio entitled Flaneur, Space, Time run by Adam Lee Casey at the University of Cape Town last year. These inspiring and thought provoking works have been compiled into a book which is both graphically inspiring as well as thought provoking.

Follow the links for further information of each project as well as an online perusal of the book itself.

We asked each student contributor to sum up their project starting with the line ‘Imagine if Harrington Square…’ , accompanied by a graphic that best sums up their buildings, this is what they had to say :

Tali Gild

Imagine if Harrington square was the centre for “Design Communication” in Cape Town. This intervention will aid to expose design activity and create a place where designers and creatives alike can meet in a space that is specifically programmed for their needs, as well as the needs for the public at large. This Cultural Development Lab is exactly what the East City needs to rejuvenate and get its creative juices flowing. The Lab will allow a variety of day and night activities, such as design booths, seminar spaces, publishing print, internet café, office spaces, design library, reading areas, and workshop spaces. And for the public it will allow spaces for all to eat, relax, view art, & party at private and public events.



Leonard Miller

Imagine if Harrington square was, an urban condenser with workshops, learning spaces, retail space etc all interacting and influencing the state of the next. The architecture encourages the interbreeding of creative fields through interaction and collaboration. Harrington square becomes reinforced as the interrelationship between experience, spaces, choice and events all connected to time and perceptible to change and definition.