Future Cape Town calls summit on urban sprawl


Future Cape Town has called for a meeting on the topic of urban sprawl on 02 May 2013. Entitled “Drawing the line on urban sprawl”, the purpose of the summit is to stimulate inclusive ideas as well as honest and rational debate on the issue, in light of recent developments proposals north of Cape Town.

The summit will be in the form of a cross-sector discussion, tapping into the collective thoughts and views of representatives from government, the private sector, academia and civil society.

According to Rashiq Fataar, Managing Director of Future Cape Town: “Cape Town and its hinterland have been affected by urban sprawl through the spatial contortions of Apartheid as well as more global postwar car-centric expansion. In a city where very low urban density condemns the poor to the margins and locks the rich into high-carbon, high-consumption living and working, we believe that the Cape Town city-region could do more to combat sprawl and to make city policy a lived reality.”

The summit on 2nd May is the inaugural Future Cape Town Summit which will commence regular discussions with thought-leaders from across sectors, to consider pertinent urban and economic issues of the time.