Open Streets: Call for volunteers

Open Streets needs volunteer marshals to help keep streets ‘open’ for the day!

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It has been almost a year since we started talking and dreaming together of Open Streets. Since then, a group of volunteers came together under the banner “Open Streets Cape Town” and has continued to work in bringing together the City and other relevant stakeholders for the launch of a long-term Open Streets effort in Cape Town.

The City has made its support official; however we are still in the process of working out the budget. While that process continues, we would like to ask for your support to help us make Open Streets a reality… in the next 30 days!

Our proposal is to “open” Lower Main Road in Observatory (from Main Rd to Albert Rd.) on 25 May, 2013 from 13:00 to 17:00. Why this area? It is long enough to be cycled and skated on; it connects different communities along the route; it is located near major transport hubs; it supports local businesses and it has the full support and commitment of the Observatory Improvement District and some of its residents. Furthermore, there are lots of other activities happening that day that dovetail nicely with our ethos: the date coincides with Africa Day, the monthly bicycle ride#moonlightmass as well as the world-wide movement “100 in 1 day” (aiming to mobilise citizens to utilise public space in creative and constructive ways in major cities around the world).

Open Streets Cape Town Team

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