City Development Update: Touchstone House

Touchstone House render

Touchstone House render

Touchstone House render

Touchstone House render

Touchstone House render

Portside and 22 Bree seems to have been a catalyst for new developments in Cape Town’s growing foreshore. Work has started on Touchstone House, a newly launched sectional title office development in lower Bree Street, diagonally across the road from both Portside and 22 Bree. The scheme incorporates the old Touchstone warehouse facade, built in 1895. The warehouse occupied the site until it was gutted in a fire a few years ago. The estimated cost of the development is around R200 million.


21 May 2013 – Construction Board up


19 May 2013 – Clamps installed on the existing Touchstone House facade


17 May 2013 – Demolition


29 April 2013 – Demolition


24 April 2013 – Demolition


13 April 2013 – Demolition

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  1. Gary

    will be interesting to see if this (along with Portside and the Bowman offices) will stimulate any residential development along the strip of Bree below Strand Str. Apparently Triangle House may be changed to residential over time?

  2. citywalker_ct

    Hi Gary. Definitely agree that more residential is needed in the foreshore. Not sure about Triangle House conversion.

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