Future Cape Town in New York

Media alert: Future Cape Town in New York

  • Attending the Harvard Business Review and Siemens’ Future Influencers Global Meeting on May 27-29.

  • Meeting with representatives of PlaNYC, the Mayor’s office of long-term planning and sustainability as well as the New York Department of Design and Construction.

  • Meet and engage with other organisations and non-profits operating in the field of urbanism.

Future Cape Town will be travelling to New York between May 25 and June 10 to participate in a conference at the Harvard Business Club, and meet with people and organisations operating in the field of urbanism.

Rashiq Fataar will be attending the Harvard Business Review and Siemens’ Future Influencers Global Meeting on May 27-29 in New York City in his capacity as Managing Director of Future Cape Town, and as a member of Future Influencers. Future Influencers is a global think tank, initiated by Siemens, connecting today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders, on key future sustainability topics – through networking, debates and collecting ideas.

Among the activities for the conference he will take part in a HBR Webinar and panel discussion on The Employer of Choice: How will Corporate Citizenship and Sustainable Shared Values Create a New Competitive Edge? with panelists and future influencers from the business and social enterprise worlds: Angelia Herrin, Denice Kronau, Gregory Unruh, Tammy Ericksson, Aditi Shekar, Mansoor Soomro and Saba Loftus.

In addition to his time at the Future Influencers Global Meeting, Rashiq Fataar will be joined by Future Cape Town Assistant Director Rouen Smit in meeting with people and professionals from varied disciplines including architecture, city government, urban planning, urban design and civic life, who focus on the built environment of New York City.

Speaking on the broader objectives of visit, Rashiq Fataar said: “New York is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest city in the world. Not only because of its scale and energy but because of its ability to harness its strengths to become a global centre for inspiration and innovation in the field of urbanism. Our visits to spaces, with people, and organisations promoting progressive thinking about the future of cities, will facilitate greater thinking about Future Cape Town itself, and what the role of our think-tank is in a more global context.