Ideas to build more resilient cities

– By Joe Peach at ‘This Big City’ 

We hosted the latest chapter in our #citytalk tweetchat series earlier this week in collaboration with Oxfam UK’s Asia Dialogue, and it was a great success. The discussion had over 100 participants and reached over 200,000 Twitter users, with different views and experiences shared as we discussed the issues surrounding our six questions.

We’ve gone through the discussion once again and selected some of the highlights. If you didn’t get the chance to take part in our chat, here’s the best bits:

What do you think makes a city resilient?

Is it the people? The infrastructure? The speed to recovery after challenges? What exactly makes a city resilient?

What are some of the ways to measure resilience in cities?

After discussing the features of a resilient city, we turned to measurement. What is the key information for understanding how resilient a city is?

How can we build resilience in to the informal sectors and settlements of cities? Large scale infrastructural decisions can be made by local or national governments, but what about the informal side of cities? Every city has an informal sector, and many even have a significant proportion of their populations living in informal settlements. What does resilience mean in this context?



How can communities become involved? Is resilience about big infrastructure decisions only? The infrastructure is critical, but people are the most important part of creating a resilient city. How exactly can communities be engaged to ensure resilience?



What is the difference between resilience and sustainability?

Much of our discussion explored topics that are often discussed in the sustainability debate. So what exactly is the difference between resilience and sustainability?

What are some of the best-case examples of urban initiatives that build resilience?

After spending the first five questions discussing the issues surrounding urban resilience, our final question turned to best case examples. Which cities ar leading the way, and are the best examples even well known?

Image via doratagold