Citibikes are a pain in the ass

CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Casey was not hired or paid by anyone to make this movie. He made it because he was curious about the program. He did, in fairness, send it to the NYTimes and they loved it but were forced to reject it due to gratuitous use of the word “ASS”. He was unwilling to remove the profanity despite the title of this film, which mirrors my initial experience. More bikes means less cars (ideally), more active commuters, quieter city and generally makes this place more civilised. “I don’t think I’ll buy another bike, after this one it’s citibikes for me.” Says Casey. “Also I did sign up for a 1 year membership, even though I own a bike, just incase I am ever in need.”

A film by Casey Neistat

Feature image courtesy of KateNew2Day

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