Creating an Open City one street at a time

The message was clear: we don’t need to go through long bureaucratic processes in order to start opening streets in Cape Town. People are ready to promote a city-wide movement. 

Over the weekend, we joined a conference organised by Future Cape Town to explore the concept of an “Open City”. In addition to inspiring and informative presentations, the event included a brainstorming session which allowed us to collect and compile ideas for small, simple and economic actions that can help build momentum for Open Streets. All we need, it became clear, is some creativity and ‘street soldiers’ –both of which were present in the room.

Participants highlighted the importance of ensuring community participation and buy in, creating an identity for the campaign and tapping onto existing groups and initiatives. Inspired by the theme of ‘Open Design’ participants shared their experience and perceptions on how different parts of the city could bring the concept of Open Streets alive based on distinct traits in each neighbourhood. Thus, while Woodstock might attract and welcome public art, Rondebosch might be better placed to engage in block parties, Wynberg in street markets and Athlone in street football and other sports for kids.

Read the full article at the Open Streets website here

Feature image courtesy of Open Streets.