Cycling in the City: Mitchel Loring on campus

Cycling in the City is a special Transport Month 2013 feature interviewing cyclists about their experiences as a cyclist in different communities and cities.
  • Name: Mitchel Loring
  • Profession/Job/Title: Student (Soon-to-be Urban Planner)
  • Location: Manhattan, Kansas, USA
Q1: In which areas do you cycle and why?
A1: I cycle daily from my home to my university’s campus (about 1.6 kilometers). From campus I usually take the bus to get to my part time job (another 1.6 kilometers further, but up a BIG hill). I also regularly cycle to the gym on campus and to restaurant/nightlife district in Manhattan.
Q2: Which three things, can government do to help your cycling experience?
1.) Eliminate the excess of free parking on campus in order to encourage more students and staff to walk, cycle, or use public transport to get to campus.
2) Repave older streets as they have potholes and cracks that could swallow my bicycle whole.
3) Require a non-motorized transport/pedestrian safety component of driver’s education and licensing. Teach would-be drivers that the streets are there to be shared with everyone.
Q3: What role can citizens play in promoting cycling and inspiring others to cycle?
A3: As long as cyclists keep cycling, more people will pick up the healthy habit. There is power in numbers, politically and culturally. But also, offer a bicycle-lacking friend a chance to try out your ride… maybe they just need a little encouragement.
Q4: Which 1 cool or innovative idea, with no budget constraints,  would you like to see in your city to support cycling and cyclists?
A4: Many of Manhattan’s neighborhoods have alleyways; I think a few of these could be turned into cross-town cycle ways. Streets would yield to the cycleways and citizens could quickly zip around town and connect to the dedicated pedestrian/cycle path that runs around the perimeter of the city.
Q5: Why do you love cycling?
A5: I love to cycle because it makes me feel much more connected to my community. Scenes on the street don’t flash by in a blur like in your car, you can see, smell, and enjoy moving across the city on a bicycle.
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