Fixing transport in cities

by Joe Peach at This Big City

Salt River Train Station Proposal 2

We hear an awful lot about transport these days, be it mega projects such as the UK’s High Speed Rail 2, futuristic schemes such as the Hyperloop or the buzz around BRTs in cities across the globe. However, less talked about is the issue of existing transport schemes and whether old schemes are sustainable to maintain or whether cities should replace existing infrastructure with something new.

That was exactly what This Big City and Future Cape Town discussed during last week’s #citytalk tweetchat. There was a lot of talk and debate with an audience from every corner of the globe. Below are some of our favourite posts:

Urban transport is a challenge. What are the problems (and solutions!) in your city?

What are some “big fixes” to transport that are often overlooked but relatively cheap?



How can citizens be made part of a city’s transport infrastructure decision making process?

Do cities always need new transport infrastructure or can the old just be fixed or modified?

What approach should cities take with informal transport operators? Integrate? Ignore?

Which cities are making good use of existing transport infrastructure, by making improvements?

Feature Image via Ingy the Wingy