Bold City: Future Stations

Stations of the future as integrated hubs

Dr. Luyanda Mphalwa has been awarded the complex task of modernising 5 train stations within the Cape Flats area of Cape Town.

In forming the technical design brief Design Space Africa is required to consider a multitude of social, economic and environmental complexities that influence urban issues and will ultimately determine the effectiveness and the sustainability of the station precincts. Considerations such as ease of movement on platforms that must cater for large numbers of people and luggage; durability of materials for longevity of the station’s life; safety and evacuation effectiveness; and adequate space for administration activities such as ticketing will need to be evaluated within the design phase. The legacy of the state of transport facilities as well as multiple land owners and agendas makes this even more complex.

But most importantly, “You firstly must understand who you are building for” states Dr. Mphalwa. Universal accessibility, which is a key design requirement, will ultimately determine how the station will best meet the needs of the people that use it and the surrounding communities.

The first phase of railway station modernisation will be at stations on the main line within the Khayelitsha area. This project aims to meet the demands of trending urbanisation and population growth. It is projected that by 2025 over fifty thousand people will use the main station per day which equates to over 223 people per minute that will be required to purchase a ticket. Ultimately, the plan over the next 30 years will see the design of overhead stations that are light weight and robust, that allows free movement both through and within the stations. Creating spaces that facilitate the function of trade will enable the stations to be equitable and meet the needs of the surrounding communities. It is hoped that this model of planning for the future of stations will be used as a benchmark for best practice within South African rail.

Speaker: Dr. Luyanda Mpahlwa of Design Space Africa

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  1. jezebel

    Station? What kind of station? What is this new ‘station’ that stands alone? To borrow from Dr Mphalwa, firstly you must understand who you’re WRITING for. I spent your tweet and the entire first paragraph wondering if you meant bus, train or police station, or some other kind of station I am not smart or ‘with it’ enough to know the term for. Sure, it’s a no-brainer, maybe (if you know the areas discussed) but I tend not to assume, and also to wonder why a blog that has risen in the ranks because its content is good and its subject matter is relevant is not being clear at the outset to avoid unnecessary confusion. Remember, you’re not only talking to a select set of urban enthusiasts here. Some of us are simply ordinary citizens with wide interests, high standards and a strong understanding of the English language.

    1. Tom Payne

      The first line also says, “Dr. Luyanda Mphalwa has been awarded the complex task of modernising 5 train stations within the Cape Flats area of Cape Town.”… Yep that’s right, “TRAIN STATIONS”. Not too difficult to decipher, is it?

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