Cycling in the City: Rodney Dicks

Cycling in the City is a special Transport Month 2013 feature interviewing cyclists about their experiences as a cyclist in different communities and cities.

Name: Rodney Dicks
Profession/Job/Title : Consulting Structural Engineer
Location: Cape Town

Q1: In which areas do you cycle and why?
I commute daily from Blouberg tothe CBD on the cycle track and ride my road bike and mountain bike over the weekends.  Most of my riding is done from home as we can access fantastic roads with wide shoulders for road biking and there are many kilometres of wonderful purpose-built tracks to ride a mountain bike in the Durbanville area (thanks to the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club).  Why do I ride: Commuting by bike gives me an extra 90 minutesin my day.. no waisted time sitting in my car ‘rushing’ home to go ride.  Wonderful way to start the day… blood flowing, wind in my face and a connection to the world around and with a few more calories burnt some chocolate in the evening.

Q2: Which three things, can government do to help your cycling experience?
1. Help to create awareness and an understanding of who cyclists are:  Just normal family people trying to do the right thing whilst trying to survive. Like everything else we need to teach a philosophy of respect and tolerance.
2. Erect more signage on the roadside of the major cycle routes.  The triangular  sign with a bicycle and a simple: Pass wide or Be patient etc
3. Need to have campaigns on the radio… get to drivers whilst they are in their cars

Q3:. What role can citzens play in promoting cycling and inspiring others to cycle?
Just get out there and do it.  We need to reach a critical mass where bikes / cyclists start to become the norm and not be seen as a lunatic fringe.

Q4:Which 1 cool or innovative idea, with no budget constraints,  would you like to see in Cape Town to support cycling and cyclists?
Awareness, signage and policing of drivers using cell phones and drunken drivers on the roads early on Sunday mornings.

Q5: Why do you love cycling?
The wind in my face and adrenalin in my bloodstream.