Bold City: What next for transport in Cape Town?

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This presentation by Cllr Brett Heron was made at the third Bold City mini-conference hosted at The Bank on Harrington Street. Read more here.

Read an earlier interview with Brett Herron on the State of Transport in Cape Town here.

Brett Herron presenting at Bold City 3.0: Future of Transport, from 2013 to 2030

 Mobility and access continues to be a major challenge in Cape Town with fragmented transport services leading to spatial poverty traps for many Cape Town residents. This fragmentation and disconnect is exacerbated with the 3 major public transport services continuing to be managed by 3 different spheres of government. Cllr Brett Heron stated that the people needing to overcome spatial barriers the most are hindered by these fragmented services leading to compounding issues of lack of access to opportunity, long travel distances to places of employment and increasing congestion due to rising private vehicle use. A strategic vision should play a leading role in overcoming spatial and social barriers in the form of access and mobility.

 Through the Transport for Cape Town plan ‘Vision of One’, launched in October 2012, the City of Cape Town hopes to achieve significant progress with the total integration of Cape Town’s public transport system into one function and one brand. This will mean one ticket, one timetable, one source of information and one enforcement and safety operation. For Cape Town residents the intermodal and fully integrated system will mean an expanded network that is more accessible to all areas of Cape Town. The core focus is on user access priority and a system that is highly car competitive while ensuring social and environmental sustainability. A better experience for commuters will ultimately create a Cape Town that enjoys a predominantly public transport lifestyle.