Don’t Believe The Hype? #CityTalk



What is a resilient city? A sustainable city? A smart city? Cities are in the spotlight with much discussion and debate around their longevity, but is all this hype just a passing trend? In a world that is changing rapidly, we’ve created complex city networks that are being dissected by urban planners,architects and academics. Perhaps, the quietest voices in this big debate are citizens; communities of people that face individual sets of problems. Are we over-hyping cities amongst ourselves?

Last week our #CityTalk with This Big City addressed this issue of city hype. As always the conversation was an interesting one with many people demanding attention for communities and insisting upon public participation.

<Q1> Cities are a much discussed topic. Does this urban hype reflect real social, economic & cultural needs?

  <Q2>Who benefits from cities being at the center of many agendas? 



<Q3> Cities are big,complex and diverse. Too big for meaningful discussion? Should the focus be on communities?



  <Q4>Which topics, themes or issues are being overlooked in the conversation about cities?



<Q5>Whether it’s events, branding or something else, which cities have taken advantage of city hype?