‘Johannesburg in Your Pocket’ – A review


by Dino Mavrokordatos

Only twelve decades old- most would say that Johannesburg is a city that is still learning to walk.

The truth is that Johannesburg has a young, but broad, cultural heritage. It has battled through apartheid, yet it still shines with a vibrant sparkle. Coincidentally, the city was brought about by a far more valuable sparkle: the discovery of GOLD.

This organic city feeds off the people’s energy, giving society a chance to make a better life for themselves. A revival that can be seen creeping up the skyline walls to extreme heights.  At 223m high the ‘Roof of Africa’, at the Carlton centre will give you a 360° view of its size and natural diversity.

A warrior of a city that has overcome all obstacles! What gives Johannesburg its strength is the fact that so many unique cultures have come together to fight for its freedom. The ‘Museum Of African Design’ is an example of how things are changing. Rather than a traditional collector this cultural space is a place for artists and thinkers alike to collaborate and network.

Johannesburg can easily rise to greatness as it fell so hard in the 80s and 90s. With all this growth… comes true responsibility.

“Johannesburg In Your Pocket” is definitely doing its part to nurture this movement. Being the first ‘In Your Pocket’ guide outside of Europe reiterates how special this city truly is. It is important to note that the new visitors guide is for everyone as it includes family-friendly entertainment, information about gay Johannesburg, as well as spaces of religious significance.

The visitors guide can be bought as a hard copy or downloaded from their up-to-date website. Going through this quarterly guide will assist locals and tourists in getting to know this humble, yet flamboyant personality. All you need to know at your fingertips including: facts, maps, markets and galleries. They have even gone out of their way to improve the public’s knowledge of safety- so please do not ignore this section.

Keeping up with the pace is a tiring task. The ‘Stanley Beer Yard’ is the perfect place to retreat from the bustling streets. This trendy beer garden is a great place to mingle and enjoy good company. This balance allows one to reflect on a world class African city.

With the guidance of “Johannesburg In Your Pocket” we can turn a rich, golden history into a hopeful, hip and happy experience.

Good luck to the ‘In Your Pocket’ team and we look forward to the issues that follow.

You can find out more regarding Johannesburg In Your Pocket on their website and keep up-to-date through Twitter.


Dino Mavrokordatos is a Design consultant with a degree in Interior Design and a foundation faze MBA. His passions include: social innovation, urban rejuvenation, food and art (BA InteriorDesign | PDM )