Questions for Cape Town Stadium and Greenpoint

Cape Town Stadium and the surrounding Green Point Common was developed and designed to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and has since played an important part in the on-going narrative of Cape Town. As part of the World Design Capital 2014 events programme, Future Cape Town led a walking tour exploring the stadium and its surrounds; listening to what citizens envisioned for the space.

  • Below Green Point Elevated  Circle, was our first point of discussion and it was recognized as being a wonderful opportunity for activity.On a beautiful Saturday morning the space failed to attract many people. How do we successfully activate the space under the circle for cyclists,skateboarders and the general public?

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  • As beautiful as it is,Cape Town Stadium sits as an ornamental piece of architecture  excluded from everyday living.  How do we plan to use the stadium beyond soccer games and how does it become rooted as an anchor in a vibrant hub?

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  • We questioned the role of urban design and the designing of spaces for large events. More importantly,how do we design for the future of the space when it is experienced by pedestrians or cyclists on a daily basis?Jade Leaf (2)
  • In terms of accessibility, for people, businesses and organisations,how do we foster a community of people in an already planned space? How do we introduce place-making practices into the area that can encourage walking,cycling,exercising,markets and a public space culture?


  • Another suggestion was that Green Point Athletics Stadium could be more effectively used if it were open to runners and people to use for fitness every weekend.photo1 (1)
  • As we walked towards the Green Point Park, we discussed the need for more coherent public spaces which connect rather than create individual islands of spaces. How could all these spaces speak to each other, feed off each other and depend on each other?photo1 (2)
  • Finally, we reflected on the success of Greenpoint Park and it’s role in drawing in families and residents from across Cape Town  and how to better introduce new elements. Perhaps, an eco-centre, tea room or ice-cream seller to develop its character further.


How do we shape the future of Cape Town stadium, the transport connections, the public realm, Green Point Park, and maximize it’s value in proximity to the City Center and V&A Waterfront? These are all questions that only we, as users of the city, can answer.