Watch: Can City Project


I stumbled across this mesmerizing short film about making a collection of aluminium furniture from street materials found in São Paulo by Studio Swine on Vimeo

Catadores (waste collectors) use a mobile foundry to smelt aluminum cans along with waste vegetable oil collected from local cafes as  fuel. In a city with over 20 million residents, waste is produced on a large scale. This creates an opportunity for Catadores to mine the streets for materials to produce beautiful can stools.They’re made simply with a sand casting technique using readily available construction sand from local building sites, and by casting an assemblage of objects found on the streets. The furnace and the tools are made with salvaged materials.

The project, “Can City “creates a system where Catadores  can use free metal and free fuel to produce an endless range of individually crafted aluminum items that reflect a vernacular aesthetic.Interesting,inspiring and innovative.

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  1. Zane Dickens

    Amazing project – really inspires one to look at what is lying around and what you can do with it to solve two problems at once and make something useful at the same time.

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