WATCH: Experience Durban

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Durban beachfront by Jade Leaf

Here are beautifully filmed, intimate encounters with the city of Durban that have been posted in the lead-up to this year’s   UIA Durban 2014. These videos are entitled, ” Experience Durban” based around this year’s theme for the conference “Architecture Otherwhere”, which prompts alternative solutions to spacial and social problems in Durban.

In these 3 videos, we try to see Durban through the eyes of artist architect Doung, choir director, Karen van Pletsen and architect Mokena Mokeka. It’s interesting to observe the different spacial complexities that each identifies within Durban and how their views of Durban are shaped by cultural and personal impressions.  Having grown up in Durban and lived in Johannesburg and Cape Town, these videos alerted my attention to issues that are synonymous with living in all 3 of these South African cities.

How do we use people’s sensory journey through a city as a tool to design and create more livable South African cities?






The Architecture Wold Congress takes place in Durban from 3 to 7 August 2014. Learn more about UIA Durban 2014 here.