Brazil’s World Cup Stadia: Go inside

Google has shared a street view inside all of the venues for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so go inside and explore the theatres of sport which will captivate Brazil and the world for the next month.

Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha

The stadium is the second-most expensive soccer stadium in the world after England’s Wembley Stadium.

construction end: 1974
architect:  Ícaro de Castro Mello
cost: $900 million

Arena de São Paulo

 It is the fifth-largest stadium on the top tier of the Brazilian League and the eleventh-largest in Brazil, and it will host the World Cup opening match.

construction start: 30 May 2011
construction end: 15 April 2014
architect:  Aníbal Coutinho
cost: R$965 Million


Estádio do Maracanã

The stadium currently seats 78,838 spectators, making it the largest stadium in Brazil and in South America.
opened:August 1948
renovated: 2000, 2006, 2013
architects: Waldir Ramos, Raphael Galvão, Miguel Feldman, Oscar Valdetaro, Pedro Paulo B. Bastos, Orlando Azevedo, Antônio Dias Carneiro


Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto

It will also host some matches of the football tournament of the 2016 Summer Olympics.
opened: 5 September  1965
renovated: December 21, 2012
architects: Eduardo Mendes Guimarães and Gaspar Garreto


Arena da Baixada

 It is the home stadium of Atlético Paranaense, who also own and operate it.
openedJune 24, 1999
renovated: 2009, 2012–2014
architects: Carlos Acos and others
cost: $106-million



Arena da Amazônia

 The stadium has an all-seater capacity of 46,000.
construction start: 2011 
construction end: 2014
architect gmp Architekten
cost: $290 million


Estádio das Dunas

The Arena das Dunas is a football stadium designed by leading sports architect, Christopher Lee of Populous.
construction start:  2011
construction end: 2014
architect Populous


Arena Fonte Nova

On May 27, 2013 a section of the roof collapsed after heavy rain.
opened : 7 April 2013
architects:A group of architects from Brunswick, Germany
cost: $270 million


Arena Castelão

 The stadium is owned by the Ceará state Government, and is the home ground of Ceará Sporting Club.
opened: 11 November 1973
renovated2002 – 2012
architectsJosé Liberal de Castro, Gehard Ernst Borman ,Reginaldo Mendes Rangel, Marcílio Dias de Luna,Ivan da Silva Britto
cost: $240 million


Arena Pantanal

 It replaced the old Estádio José Fragelli (Verdão), which used to be the principal football stadium of the city of Cuiabá.
construction end: 26 April 2014
architect: GCP Arquitetos
cost$240 million


Arena Pernambuco

This is a new multi-use stadium in the Western suburbs of the Recife metropolitan area and will have a capacity of 46,160 people.
construction start: October 2010 
construction end: April 2013
architects: Daniel Fernandes
cost: $227,000,000