Can inspiring spaces spark collaboration?


Can inspiring spaces foster people or groups to be more collaborative?

This is approach being used at Department of Design in Cape Town, which is set to launch on 08 July, supporting South African – Dutch collaboration in the field of sustainability, using design and innovation thinking. The event

aims to create collaborative opportunities between policymakers, officials, and the general public between the Netherlands and South Africa. It is the main highlight of the Dutch participation in Cape Town World Design Capital 2014, with 60 companies and organisations visting Cape Town, with an interest in developing long term business relationships in South Africa

The interior of the building is being transformed by Droog, the Dutch-based architectural firm. According to Droog, the design plan hopes to promote ” idea sharing by providing creative spaces for such individuals to meet and speak.”

To fit in with the theme of sustainability, Droog has titled this structure “FLOW.”  It has been created within the renovated Provenance Auction House, an Art Deco building on Vrede Street in downtown Cape Town.

The structure is almost entirely based out of reused materials that include bicycle seats, scrap wood, and plastic crates.  By engaging with local artists and materials, Droog aims to create a unique and creative space that comes at no cost to Cape Town or her environment. After the Department of Design ends, Droog will take all of the materials used and return them to the city- either by re-selling, donating, or re-cycling.

The space includes a playground for children (with toys designed specifically for children with developmental challenges), sound-proofed walls made from egg cartons, and miniature houses constructed from door frames and windows. The forest of scrap materials envelops visitors, inviting them into a new environment to foster discussion, inspire change and exchange knowledge. The design reflects the shared South African and Dutch practice of introducing life back into used goods, as well as engaging the surrounding community.

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