How bus rapid transit routes will reach Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain

Transport for Cape Town(TCT) is gearing up for the 5 July 2014 date for when the MyCiTi N2 Express Services will start operating between the Civic Centre and Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain. These services are not meant to replace existing rail public transport options, but will be providing an alternative until the rail system is able to offer the quality levels it is meant to provide.

Last week the TCT released the official route maps for these two services, which you can find below. The two new routes, D01 and D03, will operate from 5:30am until 11pm every day and will definitely be good news for many people who live in this part of Cape Town.

The full MyCiTi BRT system from 5 July 2014:

MyCiTi system map - 5 July 2014


Civic Centre <—> Mitchell’s Plain:

Route D03 will only pick up commuters at Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre towards the Civic Centre Central MyCiTi Station. (ie. an express direct service only)

From the Civic Centre to Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre the buses will stop at: Sesame, Marguerite, Kerrem and Pontiac.

Mitchells Plain MyCiTi

Civic Centre <—> Khayelitsha

Route D01 will have a couple of stops within Khayelitsha before becoming a direct express service towards the Civic Centre Central MyCiTi Station.

Stops include: Vuyani, Charles Mokoena, Steve Biko, D Nyembe, Tutu, Dibana and Lindela.

Khayelitsha MyCiTi


The MyCiTi system will open up to the largest pool of potential commuters from Saturday, 5 July 2014.

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