The emerging role of fashion tourism in Lagos, Nigeria

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By Olubukola Bada,

The tourism industry is viewed as one of the world’s most important industries that have emerged in global economy including Nigeria. The fashion industry is likewise a multibillion dollar industry globally. In many parts of the world fashion tourists are growing in number. Acclaimed fashion capitals of the world like New York, Paris, and London have thrived in the fashion industry. Kenya, Amsterdam, South Africa, have also begun to look into the fashion industry for economic gain and Nigeria has also followed suit.The focus of the study was to investigate the link between fashion and tourism in the city of Lagos and its tourism potentials.

Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2013 Source:

Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2013

The research analyzed the policy frame work of the cultural and tourism industry to establish the role and relevance of the tourism and cultural industry in the Lagos state policy.

The conclusion of the study emphasized the fact that there is room for the fashion industry to make a vital contribution to tourism in Lagos State. However, this depends on the development of a separate framework for fashion tourism in Lagos, better marketing, security and efforts of promotion that are consistent.

Read the full thesis at Theseus.

This article originally appeared at Urban Africa on 16 April 2014.


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