Insider’s view of Lagos with architect Rem Koolhaas

It has clarified my relationship . . . and intensified my relationship with Africa

Receive a first-hand account of architect Rem Koolhaas’ experiences working as a professional architect in the bustling city of Lagos. Koolhaas speaks about his life carrying a dualistic personality as a professional architect and curious human being into the city.  He explains his experiences were frequently challenging, often untrusting, entirely new, and also greatly beneficial.  Because he was forced not merely to be a researcher or academic, but also an observant and empathetic outsider, he offers a view of the ever-industralising city that is at once fresh and revealing.  Koolhaas’ insightful comment about how often in life one cannot only go into a new experience expecting personal profit, but  by also seeking opportunities to influence ones own perspective, are pertinent to us all.