Architecture Open Studios 2014

Final Model

The Cape Institute for Architecture in collaboration with Open Design Cape Town will be presenting the second annual Architecture Open Studio sessions. Architecture practices across the city will open their doors to the public in the spirit of design sharing and to show how these professionals design for change.

The Architecture Open Studio programme invites people into these creative spaces to show how architects work, what inspires design and the interesting environments in which they practice.

This annual event gives the general public, fellow creative industry professionals and young people who wants to pursue a career in architecture the opportunity to view architectural projects, models, presentations and design work, interact with practicing architects and see how a studio works.

Practices will open their offices outside of working hours on Tuesday 19 August and Wednesday 20 August 2014, to allow the public to visit after work.

Last year saw practices such as SAOTA, Design Space Africa, dhk, Metropolis, Wolff Architects and VDMMA opening their doors to eager crowds who streamed into offices – with most people visiting a couple of practices in the two hour period.

Tuesday 19 August

  • Eco Design Architects (5-9pm)
  • Gabriel Fagan Architects (5-8pm)
  • Greg Wright Architects (4-6pm)
  • KMH Architects (5-8pm)
  • Kotlowitz Marais Architects (5-8pm)|
  • Metropolis Design Architects (6-9pm)
  • MWP Architects (5-9pm)
  • VDMMA (4-6pm)
  • Dick Crane Architects (Stellenbosch)

Wednesday 20 August

  • dhk architects (4-7pm)
  • Revel Fox (4-7pm)
  • Stauch Vorster (5-7pm)
  • SAOTA (5-8pm)
  • Meyer & Associates (4-6pm)
  • MLB Architects (5-8pm)
  • Meyer & Associates Architects (4-7pm)
  • DesignSpaceAfrica (6-9pm)

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  1. Lucie De Moyencourt

    hi Rashiq, DesignSpaceAfrica studio will be open on Wednesday 20 August from 18:00 till 21:00. Please include us, it seems that Open Design has made a mistake, and they will put us back ont he program soon. Thanks!

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