London’s summer pavilion

Smiljan Radic's Serpentine Pavilion. Photo by George Rex/ flickr

Smiljan Radic’s Serpentine Pavilion. Photo by George Rex/ flickr

Every year a patch of Hyde Park plays host to London’s most prestigious pop-up- the Serpentine Pavilion. Architects from around the world have been invited to transform this spot, and this year Chilean architect Smiljan Radic becomes the fourteenth to accept the invitation.

I wanted to make it look like it came from the hands of a giant… – Smiljan Radic

Occupying a spot outside the entrance to the Serpentine Gallery, the Serpentine Pavilion is a temporary structure of architectural fancy. Radic’s cylindrical design (variously described as an egg, a cocoon and an alien spacecraft), balanced on a scattering of boulders, is intended to provide a flexible, multi-use space which will host a cafe and events throughout the summer. The pavilion stretches across 514 sq.m and it’s semi-translucent nature makes for a welcoming, glowing spectacle come nightfall. The pavilion will be in residence for the next four months.

Inside Radi'cs pavilion. Photo: George Rex/ flickr

Inside Radic’s pavilion. Photo: George Rex/ flickr

Watch the video below to hear Smiljan Radic speak about his creation:

Are pavilions such as this one an integral part to a creative city? Do you believe your city should have such an exhibit?

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