#CityTalk: Is the Future of Agriculture Urban?

Source: National Geographic

Source: National Geographic

By Alejandro Echeverria of This Big City

Antiquity, cities and the activity of sourcing natural products locally have been closely intertwined. However, as cities grew during industrial revolutions, and even more so during the post-war years, sourcing natural products from the vicinity has little by little become a distant memory that few city-dwellers can recall.

Urban sprawl and rapid urbanisation have pushed agricultural lands beyond its core population and supplying “greens” – veggies, fruits, dairies – has become a complex logistical endeavour.

But perhaps as a response to these shifts in production, urban agriculture has recently been gaining popularity in cities around the world. Be it the use of gardens as spaces to grow vegetables to citizens coming together to use public parks as urban farms, urban agriculture is and might disrupt how we produce and consume food in the years to come.

Join us this Wednesday, 24 September at 9PM GMT+2 along with This Big City for #CityTalk as we discuss urban agriculture, its social, cultural and economic implications, and what it might mean for our cities in the years to come.