Voices of the City: Cyril Naicker

Voices of the City is a new, weekly feature that spotlights the everyday lives of our citizens, living and working in the city. By asking the same five questions to all our interviewees, we discover not only how our experiences of differ, but also what we share. It is a daunting task to try and capture the diverse experiences of our city’s inhabitants, but we feel that it is a worthy, and necessary, endeavor, in order to better understand the present and future of our city. This week we hear from Cyril Naicker, the creative director of CT inVogue. Naicker is currently developing MyVogue Africa – a fashion reality series.


Q. What about Cape Town inspires you the most?

It’s a diverse city. A melting pot of cultures. It’s a clean city and one that buzzes with creativity!

Q: Do you have a secret space or place that you enjoy in the city?.

If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore now, would it?

Q: What was the last exciting event you attended in the city?

The Mercedes-Benz fashion week

Q: What frustrates you about the city?

Too much to do, too little time!

Q: You can have dinner with one person living or dead. Who is it and why?

Living: Aerin Lauder. Her global lifestyle brand is inspired by her personal style. Need I say more? I don’t think we would run out of conversation over dinner.

You can follow Cyril on Twitter: @cyrilnaicker