FUTURE LONDON | Jan Gehl & Richard Rogers talk liveable cities

“Architecture has become about choosing lipstick to put on an elephant rather than changing the elephant.”

Andrea Minoia / flickr

Last night saw two of the biggest names in city design and urbanism come together in London to discuss what it means to design, support and share in the liveable city.



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Jan Gehl: An Urban Design Master

Should Cities be Built to Make People Happy


How can we design humane, resilient and joyful cities?

That was the question posed to urbanist Jan Gehl and architect Richard Rogers last night in London. The two urban thinkers were brought together by Guardian Cities to consider how the ‘liveable city’ looks, feels and works, citing examples from Copenhagen to Pienza. A number of London urban projects and proposals were covered during the discussion- from the Skycycle, to the Garden Bridge and London’s housing troubles, with particular critiques around who holds power in the planning system and how to better engage communities in the creation of place. The event spurred on a debate about the future shape and feel of London in particular, with some of the key points of discussion captured below:

If, as Jan Gehl like to say, cities are for people, the people must have a say in how their cities work and how they grow. Share your thoughts with Future London and follow more of the debate at #GuardianLive.