FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Mexico City’s New Airport

… Mexico has really seized the initiative…There will be nothing else like it in the world

The competition winning design for the new international airport at Mexico City by Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) .

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In late 2014 Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) won the international competition to design Mexico City’s new international airport. This one will be one of the world’s largest airports at 470,000 square meters .

This building will be the “world’s most sustainable airport” which uses less material and energy than a cluster of buildings, due to its compact single terminal. The configuration of this structure will ensure short walking distances and few level changes. The design is planned to accommodate the predicted  increase in passenger numbers by 2028  with 3 runways at the outset, with 3 additional runways planned for the future.

The Mexican architecture and symbolism are part of the inspiration for this monumental structure.  It’s expected that this airpot will be a master piece of Mexican innovation,  built by Mexican contractors and engineers. The design is configured by lightweight glass and steel structure and a soaring vaulted roof  that are designed for Mexico City’s challenging soil conditions. The building structure will  powered by solar energy and will include the LEED Platinum standards, with the building envelope meeting high thermal and acoustic standards.

Lord Foster said:

“Stansted Airport’s reinvention of the conventional terminal in the 1990s was emulated worldwide – this breaks with that model for the first time. It pioneers a new concept for a large-span, single airport enclosure, which will achieve new levels of efficiency and flexibility – and it will be beautiful. The experience for passengers will be unique. Its design provides the most flexible enclosure possible to accommodate internal change and an increase in capacity. Mexico has really seized the initiative in investing in its national airport, understanding its social and economic importance and planning for the future. There will be nothing else like it in the world.”


  1. Images and video courtesy of: Foster + PartnersFR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise)NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants)