FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How we will be taking over parking bays for PARK(ing) Day 2015

‘The goal is to reclaim this urban space, encourage participation in the public realm and brainstorm ideas to improve Regent Road.’

Future Cape Town, Blok and Young Urbanists propose 4 differents interventions during September 18th PARK(ing) Day.


PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.The mission of PARK(ing) Day is to call attention to the need to generate critical debate around how public space is created and foster livable cities that put people and pedestrians first. Visit the official website here.

Together with our partners BLOK, and our Young Urbanists community we are involved in a few activations and interventions during Park(ing) day this year. Read about the Open Streets workshop and the many locations across Cape Town that will be embracing the day, here.

Regent Road

Future Cape Town and Blok


Future Cape Town and Blok are taking over two parking bays in front of Blok showroom at 51 Regent Road, Sea Point from 08:00 to 17:00. By using hay bales, artificial grass and plants kindly donated by Sea Point Nursery across the road, the aim is to temporarily soften the hard road surface, whilst at the same time including seating and a foosball table to engage the public, passers-by and local businesses. The goal is to reclaim this urban space, encourage community and participation in the public realm and brainstorm ideas to improve Regent Road.

GAPP architects: Parklet Activation

Credit: Cape Town Partnership

GAPP Architects and Urban Designers  invites you to join them in activating a parking space outside their Cape Town offices at 150 Longmarket Street in the Cape Town CBD. This is not the first time the company is involved in challenging the use of spaces and in particular parking bays. In late 2014, they built a parklet outside their offices made of wood and yellow pipes, offering seating for pedestrians, bicycle racks and a couple of plants. This parklet was different to other parklets in that no parking bay was actually lost – GAPP Architects worked with the city to reshuffle the parking bays and a loading zone.

Read more about it here.


Regent Road: Cycling is King on Regent Road

Claire de Trevou and Andrew Cleveland (Young Urbanists members)

Claire de Trevou and Andrew Cleveland’s intention are to create a fantastical castle, constructed from cardboard boxes, crates and cable ties – a shrine to cycling! The whimsical creation will allow passing pedestrians and cars, a peek into the castle and to catch a glimpse of an exercise bike on it’s thrown, within this landmark of a cardboard castle. A bubble gun will be powered by the bike, adding to the whim of the installation and subtly alluding to the cleanliness of biking over driving. The castle will also contain a staircase constructed from crates and will allow ‘explorers’ of the castle to climb up and survey the kingdom of cars that lies below. High tea may be served at some point in the castle.


Future Lagos: Temporary picnic space

Olamide Udoma | Head of Future Lagos
Future Lagos and Picnickers Anonymous with the support of Future Cape Town, Goethe Institute Lagos and Urban Fuxion food truck will transform a parking space in Lagos Island, a congested banking district, into a temporary picnic space. Even though they will not be using a metered parking space, like other parts of the world, they believe they will be making a statement about the use of public space and mobility within the car centric city of Lagos.
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  1. Credit: Courtesy of Parking Day Philadelphia