City intersections to priorities pedestrians


Image credits :, David Ritchie

At about 80 intersections in the Cape Town city centre all the traffic lights change to red at the same time, giving pedestrians the chance to cross the street without fear of passing cars.

Pedestrian control is part of a larger project to improve traffic signal timing at the 110 intersections in Cape Town’s central business district, a project that started in August 2014.

Mayoral committee member for transport for Cape Town Brett Herron said: “Unlike parallel pedestrian signal control systems, where vehicles and pedestrians compete for the same road space, exclusive pedestrian control gives pedestrians their own allotted time in the signal cycle.”

Source: Times Live

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  1. Adriaan Joubert

    They should now extend the time pedestrians have to cross. This will both encourage pedestrianism and they won’t feel unwelcomed by the blinking red man.

  2. bikemarie

    Why only the city centre? The intersections where pedestrians and cyclists need to cross along Otto du Plessis leave a lot to be desired. ALL those intersections need to be different phased.

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