Plan and vision for Trafalgar Park in Woodstock

Image credits : Square 1 Landscape Architects

Image credits : Square 1 Landscape Architects

Trafalgar Park is a substantial park with a rich cultural and archaeological heritage.With the help of the communities of Woodstock and District Six, an Integrated Management Framework (IMF) for Trafalgar Park has been developed which will help to drive the vision for the beautification, landscaping and heritage upgrades of the entire park.

However, over the years, the park has not been used optimally. Some upgrades have been done to the heritage resources, swimming pool and fencing but the new emphasis is on integrating the entire park which will encourage a sense of community ownership and increased use of the park by law-abiding local residents and the community as a whole.

Square One Landscape Architects were appointed by the City of Cape Town to develop a Master Plan for the site.

The park runs along the French Lines of defence that were constructed in 1781 by the French Garrison at the Cape to protect the city from the British. A number interesting heritage artefacts still exist in the site including the French Redoubt – declared a national monument in 1968 and the quirky old brick kiln.

The Landscape Masterplan and heritage statement were developed with extensive public participation processes and with input from the Cape Town Partnership, City Parks and the Cape Town Heritage Trust. The final plan incorporates sports facilities, visitors centre, heritage areas, restaurants, play areas, skate park, jogging and cycling tracks, outdoor gym, picnic areas, amphitheatre, terraces, bridges, planting areas, lighting and street furniture.

The focus of the IMF is not only on conservation. The character of each precinct within the park clearly dictates a unique approach for each precinct. The focus will therefore be an integrated management approach to aid conservation, to encourage a greater use of open space, and to drive new development and landscaped areas.

The most southern part of the park, south of Nelson Mandela Boulevard, also presents new opportunities within the District Six community for open space uses in conjunction with the local communities.

Once the plan is adopted by the community and the subcouncil, the City will start with the phased planning of various upgrade projects. The timeframe for this process is not clear yet. The goal is to have an integrated approach where the City Parks, Transport for Cape Town, Safety and Security, and Sport, Recreation and Amenities and other City role players work and plan with the community.