EVENT | The future of public space II : Design by Activism

Poster V1 Final BannerFuture Cape Town, and the Urban Design Institute of South Africa (UDISA) present the event seriesThe future of public space‘.

The three-part lecture series on public space seeks to promote discourse on the contemporary challenges of the public realm against the backdrop of deepening inequality, fast urbanising cities and increasing socio-economic volatility. It will also seek to explore challenges of the future, where the changing nature of public-private ownership, aritificial intelligence, space travel, 3d printing and manufacturing present scenarios that few working in the field have grappled with.

(Watch the introduction to the series here )

This event will consider the role and impact of activism in the shaping the future of public spaces in South Africa and the potential for sustainable, long-term, systemic change.

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Welcome : Hedwig Crooijmans-Lemmer  (Urban Designer, GAPP Architects and Urban Designers)

Marcela Guerrero Casas (Co-founder and Managing Director, Open Streets Cape Town)

Title: Streets could be more than they are… the story behind Open Streets in Cape Town

Marco Morgan (Founder, National Skate Collective and Urban Planner)

Title: Beyond the skatepark

Zimkita Booi (Organiser, Ndifuna Ukwazi)


Closing remarks

Rashiq Fataar, Director, Future Cape Town

Speakers and panelists

Hedwig Crooijmans-Lemmer
Hedwig grew up, studied and worked in Rotterdam before spending 20 years in the Eastern Cape. She was a director at The Matrix Urban Designers and Architects as well as part time lecturer at the school of architecture at NMMU.She moved to the Western Cape last year. She is currently an urban designer at GAPP architects and urban designers, a committee member for UDISA and part time lecturer at CPUT.
Marcela Guerrero Casas
Credit: Kaylynn Palm

Credit: Kaylynn Palm

Marcela is passionate about (perhaps obsessed with) streets. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Marcela lived in the US before moving to South Africa in 2006. Marcela holds a Masters in Public Administration and International Affairs from Syracuse University.  In 2012, Marcelahelped co-found Open Streets Cape Town. 

Marco Morgan

Credit: David East

Credit: David East

Marco Morgan is a skateboarder, urban planner advocating for inclusionary design processes and design of public space. He is the founding member of the advocacy network, National Skate Collective; an organization and network of skaters united in representing and acting on the needs of the skateboarding community.

Rashiq Fataar

Rashiq Fataar is an urbanist and the director of Future Cape Town and the Our Future Cities network which includes Future Lagos.