WATCH : Informal Settlement Upgrading with Empower Shack

“comprehensive and sustainable informal settlement upgrading”

Empower Shack from Urban-Think Tank on Vimeo.

The Empower Shack project is directed by Urban-Think Tank and the local NGO Ikhayalami in collaboration with the BT-Section community and associated local and international partners. The project aims to develop a comprehensive and sustainable informal settlement upgrading through addressing there core components:

  • a two-story housing prototype,
  • participatory spatial planning,
  • ecological landscape management,
  • integrated livelihoods programming,

There is an ongoing pilot phase is focused on a cluster of 68 houses within the BT-Section of Khayelitsha to be completed in 2017.

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  1. Marty

    Good initiative and solution. Urban planning/spaces needs to be addressed as well.

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