Data facility to boost Cape Town economy



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The Western Cape provincial government is launching a multi-million-rand project to build a huge data centre that will host the Square Kilometer Array’s (SKA’s) computing and data storage Requirements. The overall value of the investment in the data centre is estimated at R453m. The SKA, one of the government’s most important science projects, is a multi-billion-rand international project that will result in the world’s biggest and most sensitive radio telescope. It will enable scientists to better understand the history of the universe and will be hosted at two core sites, SA and Australia, with some outstations in other countries.

The SKA will use more than 100,000 dishes and antennae spiraling across Africa and Australia to create a combined collecting area of one square kilometer. Construction of the first phase of the project is due to begin in 2018. The data centre project in Cape Town is a joint initiative between the Western Cape provincial government, the national Department of Science and Technology, SKA and the University of Cape Town.