EVENT : The future of public space III: Who owns the space?


Future Cape Town, and the Urban Design Institute of South Africa (UDISA) present the event seriesThe future of public space‘.

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The three-part lecture series on public space seeks to promote discourse on the contemporary challenges of the public realm against the backdrop of deepening inequality, fast urbanising cities and increasing socio-economic volatility. It will also seek to explore challenges of the future, where the changing nature of public-private ownership, aritificial intelligence, space travel, 3d printing and manufacturing present scenarios that few working in the field have grappled with.

On June 8th, at 17h30 Future Cape Town and UDISA are hosting the third event in the series at the The Cape Institute for Architecture, Hout Street 71, Cape Town. The event will look at who the key role players that currently develop, control, and influence public spaces in the reality of the urban landscape today, in addition to analyzing how these roles are and will change the traditional perception and use of public space. Other key questions are:

  • What are the current relationships and opportunities for collaboration among sectors?
  • How is the private sector progressively  playing a bigger role in developing public space and why?
  • How democratic can a privately owned public space be?

Time: June 8, 17h30.

Location: Cape Institute for Architecture, 71 Hout Street.

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Welcome : Khalied Jacobs (Urban Designer, Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers)

Andrew Charman (Director, Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation)

Topic : Informal economy and public space: insights from Delft.

Ald. Belinda Walker (Mayoral Committee Member, Community Services and Special Projects)

Topic : Current public space projects, challenges faced, and opportunities for collaboration.

Jacques van Embden (Managing Director, Blok Developments)

Topic: Role of the private sector.

Alexandra Fearon and Hannalie Malan (Future Cape Town)

Topic: Closing remarks on Future of Public Space series



Khalied Jacobs is an urban designer in private practice and is a founding member Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers. Khalied’s primary interest is in the humanist ideals of city making and has promoted notions of equity and justice through his work. He is the current chairman of Urban Design Institute of South Africa.







Andrew Charman trained as a sociologist and development economist. His current research focuses on understanding the scope, scale and spatiality of the township informal economy through an examination of area case studies. His interests include studying the dynamics of micro-enterprises / entrepreneurship as well as understanding the politics of informality. Andrew has experimented with new research methods to enhance stakeholder participation and visualise outcomes. In his current role, Andrew seeks to translate research into policy measures that can better serve the needs of people living in poverty





Alderman Belinda Walker is currently the Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and Special Projects and has been a councillor for twenty years and is a former Deputy Mayor of Cape Town.  She served previously as Mayoral Committee member for Corporate Services and for Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning, in addition to being ward councillor for the City Bowl (CBD and surrounding suburbs) for ten years. Before entering politics she worked in market research and marketing.






Jacques van Embdem studied at UCT and graduated with his Masters in Architecture in 2007. Soon after graduation, in response to a tough economic climate,  he started a residential property fund, Prime Residential and rental company, Prime Letting, which grew from Cape Town to Gauteng. In late 2014 he added another company to the group when he founded Blok, the urban property development company. Blok has launched a number of urban intervention projects including the Regent Road Parklet and a park revamp project in Thornhill Road, Green Point.