The new R104 million District Six health facility under construction

The Construction of the New R104-million District Six Health Facility is Underway

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Constructed on the historical site of District Six, the new health facility is welcome in the neighborhood to initiate a positive new development of the area. This R104-million new facility will open its doors by next March, and will offer many services.
To build this new service, the existing Peninsula Maternity Hospital (built during the 1930’s) has been destroyed because it appeared that a renovation wouldn’t have been very profitable, both in terms of costs and physical result.
This project will be helpful to provide a primary health services for low or no-income people from Woodstock, Salt River, Vredehoek and Central Cape Town but also the beneficiaries of the District Six re-development. Indeed, this new facility will need an effective transport network and the new stream of people will have good impacts upon the neighborhood. 
The new health facility building also includes a sustainable design which is part of a plan initiated by the Western Cape Government « 110% green ». The new facility will promote various green initiatives such as energy-saving lights, motion sensors, natural ventilation and lighting. As for the water supply, rain water will be used for firefighting and to flush toilets as well. 

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