Cape Town plans for the future of cycling in the city : Read & comment on the Draft Cycling Strategy

The City of Cape Town has compiled a Draft Cycling Strategy, which is a component of its broader Non-motorised Transport Strategy. According to the City, “Recognising that cycling is an increasingly important and growing part of the City’s transport solution, the bicycle is rapidly becoming a favoured mode of transport in liveable cities.”

It adds that this “allows for the provision of low cost, environmentally friendly and effective options for mobility and accessibility”.

The aim is to encourage and grow Utility Cycling to increase the use of bicycles from the current 1% to 8% by 2030, which will contribute to the reduction of commuter costs, traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Download : Draft Cycling Strategy

Public comments are being welcomed by email, online submission, fax and postDeadline : 21 February 2017

For more information and contacts, visit the City of Cape Town website here.

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  1. Feature Image : Andrew Brauteseth