Cape Town’s new tallest skyscraper set for construction



Update (August 2017)

The comment period on the development application notice closed on 7 August 2017. According to the notice : Tto develop the property with a 142.2m high building containing 624 residential units, approximately 5996 sqm of business space within the basement (concourse level), first (ground) and second storeys, and a total of 742 parking bays.”

Update (February 2017)

The construction is scheduled to begin in April. Costing in the region of R 1.5 billion, it will take 30 months to complete with over 60% of the space already sold out. Emerging market property developer Land Equity Group, headed by Stuart Chait, recently purchased Old Mutual Centre and Exchange Place in Cape Town’s bustling CBD from Old Mutual Properties.

Update (September 2017)

A new skyscraper is being planned at the north-west corner of Strand & Adderley street and across the road from Cape Town Central Station (for which a R1 billion mixed-use development has been approved) and Adderley Street MyCiTi station. According to the website of FWJK architects, the “Zero2ONE” tower or “Exchange Place”, will have 42 storeys and become the “tallest building in Cape Town” with a mainly residential component.

It will comprise of :

  • 624 apartments
  • 760 parking bays
  • a viewing deck with 360 degree views open to the public
  • 6000 sqm of retail


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There are 11 comments

  1. Peter

    Hideous! and that’s polite. Cape Town deserves better and more world class architecture than this. Great position though for a tower adjacent to a primary transport node.

    1. Marty

      they are not architects – they are quantity surveyors and it shows, starts off with a nice 3d and then the actual build just gets uglier and nasty !

  2. Richard

    Apart from the general aesthetics of the building (of which i do not approve) – i would be interested in seeing views from nelson mandela boulevard – towers in cape town (and i trust this is part of ct city planning) from this vantage, take an effect of tower-space-tower-space-etc. Furthermore the ground level and 1st few level don’t appear to “give back” to the public/pedestrian domain. And then there’s the “new tallest” aspect – unless this is just happenstance this should not be an endeavour in general.

  3. Anthony Selkirk

    I think it looks kinda cool. A little out of place for the area, but that’s because the rest of the buildings were built in the 60/70s. Compared to the absa and samsung buildings it really sticks out, but lets not say those buildings still look good…
    If you look at the new buildings in Foreshore, the style sort of matches.

  4. Lynne Jarche

    Stuck in the 1960’s architecture. Such bad “design” , bet those glass panels with shine disruptive beams into surrounding buildings. They should look at what other large cities are doing. Hong Kong has some superb buildings. And we should ensure that the building is green, energy efficient, disabled friendly and inclusive Wonder how much water it will take to build this horror?

  5. Joe Smith

    As someone posted on FB……”That’s lovely ! Imagine….a 360 degree view of everything this building will be obscuring from your particular vantage point over the city ! Great – I love progress for the privileged ~”

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