If you’re interested in becoming a contributor to our website, or would like to pitch a story or idea, check out the guide below to add your voice to our growing set of contributors from around the world.

Send us a 300 – 500 word sample of your writing, or your photos or videos.

We are looking to hear your voice and views on urban life. The type of contributions we are looking for include interviews, short pieces, non-academic essays, profiles, photography, video essays and illustration. Capture your daily public transport route in photos, tackle a difficult urban issue using rough sketches or share a series of videos you know our readers need to see.

Here are some articles to inspire you:

  1. Lagos, Africa’s “Big apple”?
  2. Jozi embraces the tuk-tuk. Can it work?
  3. In Photos: Public transport in Rio de Janeiro
  4. Cape Town’s park for people


To make it easy, every contributor gets a WordPress account to work on your contribution in your own time. We schedule, publish and spread the word!
Articles are published in English, but the style depends on your writing style and creativity. We are interested in how you perceive cities, not the textbook view.
This will vary based on the article, but on average, initial submissions of 400-800 words is sufficient, unless they are photographic essays or videos essays which are also welcomed.
The contribution layout, style and finer details will be edited by our team and Editor once you have completed it.
No payment is currently provided but we are working on our advertising strategy.
All content is published as Creative Commons, so if you wish to re-publish your work on other platforms, you are allowed to do so, but please notify us prior to the content being reproduced.

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