FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Future Cape Town?

Future Cape Town is a leading platform in Africa promoting democracy about the future of cities. Through our online presence, research, and multi-stakeholder collaborations we work towards expanding public access to urbanism in order to promote a more visionary and inclusive city. We are an independent think-tank, advocating knowledge and citizen engagement to meet the challenges of our city. Future Cape Town is the founding partner of Our Future Cities, which also houses Future Johannesburg, Future Lagos and Future London.

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What is Our Future Cities?

Our Future Cities is a non-profit organisation, registered as a South African NPO (Non-Profit Organisations Act No. 71 of 1997), which houses Future Cape Town, Future Johannesburg and Future Lagos.

What does Future Cape Town do?

Future Cape Town creates platforms for dialogue and action about the future of cities, promotes the involvement of young people in the area of urbanism, hosts conferences and events and provides consulting to private and public organisations that work to build a more democratic, liveable, inclusive and sustainable city.

Read about some of our projects here.

Who are the people behind Future Cape Town?

The idea of Future Cape Town was started  in July 2010 by Rashiq Fataar, and later co-founded with Rouen Smit. In 2013 Our Future Cities was established with other co-founders. Since then, our team has grown bigger and international. You can read more about it here.

Is Future Cape Town a government organization?

No, Future Cape Town is an independent think-tank, but we do work and we have worked with different government agencies.

How does the organisation work?

Future Cape Town is run by a board of directors and advised by an Advisory Board. Throughout our work, we promote a democratic decision-making process, to which all our team participates.

How is Future Cape Town funded?

Future Cape Town is funded through our research work, projects and collaborations.

How can I contribute to your website?

If you want to share your story of urban innovation, check out this guide to become part of our growing set of regular contributors from around the world.

How can I work for Future Cape Town?

Future Cape Town offers an internship programme. Read more here. We also work with a range of consultants, but advertise as the need arises.

How can I become a sponsor?

If you want to sponsor a conference, an event or a project, contact us here.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved. You could intern, join our Young Urbanists community, contribute as a regular writer or attend our events. 

How do I get in touch with Future Cape Town?

E-mail us at hello(at)futurecapetown(dot)com

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